Water chillers

URMOJATOR has different types of water chiller  or cooler of fluids, using different types of refrigerant gases: R290 (propane), R410A, or R407C. We provide solutions for water cooling necessary in industrial processes. Our range of types of water chiller covers a wide range of powers to be dissipated and uses different types of refrigerant gas, today a very important environmental factor.

Specialized in cooling industrial processes, we can help you calculate the heat dissipation power of your processes. We seek a solution that respects the environment and a moderate electricity consumption. We offer our engineering to favor efficient productive processes, we take care of the study and design of the installation and we propose the best quality / price solution for the machinery and its implementation.

We also prepare the necessary documentation for the legalization of the appropriate water chiller.

We are the largest specialist in Europe for propane gas R290. It is natural, ecological, efficient, safe, and above all, it is exempt from the tax on fluorinated gases. It has an ODP (ozone depletion potential) of 0 and GWP (global warming potential) of 3, thus fighting against the effects of emissions that warn of global warming. Propane is also the third most popular fuel in the world behind gasoline and diesel, with a very moderate price compared to fluorinated gases. We have of course all the necessary certifications to install an R290 gas water chiller. More information here