Air cooled liquid chillers – R407C IPE SMART

The range of IPE SMART R407C  air-cooled chillers from Urmojator, with its 22 different references, covers a range of cooling capacity between 2 and 426 kW.


The IPE-Smart chiller models from Urmojator are characterized by:
– Refrigerant gas R407C. Characteristics of it here
– Hermetic scroll or semi-hermetic compressor (s), 1 or 2 circuits depending on model.
– Helical fans with aluminum propeller.
– Tubular type evaporator immersed in the water tank.
– Condensing control by pressure switch.
– (Optional) Hydraulic circuit including water tank, pump, by-pass valve, manometers and flow detector by differential pressure switch.

Below you can download the brochure of the IPE-Smart water chiller models from Urmojator.


Technical leaflet IPE Smart