Water chiller with natural refrigerant – Propane R290 RKO.E

The range of propane water chillers RKO.E of Urmojator provides an environmentally friendly solution, while satisfying the thermal requirements of industrial processes, covering a range of cooling capacity between 7.8 and 969.2 kW.

The RKO.E chiller models from Urmojator are characterized by:

  • – Refrigerant gas R-290.
  • – Semi-hermetic piston / scroll compressor with 1/2 circuit (s) according to model.
  • – Refrigerant circuit with electronic expansion valve.
  • – Flammable gas detector.
  • – Multitubular copper condenser cooled by air.
  • – Evaporator of plates made of 316 stainless steel.
  • – (Optional) Hydraulic circuit including water tank, centrifugal pump, safety valve, water pressure gauge and manual air bleeder.
  • – More details here
    Below you can download the brochure of the water chiller models EKS / HE from Urmojator. Do not hesitate to contact our technical team to help you in the correct selection for your application.