Water and oil temperature control units

In URMOJATOR we have a range of water and oil temperature control units ATR  for those processes where it is required to control the temperature of the process fluids.


The ATR thermoregulator by URMOJATOR is summarized in the following features and equipment:

  • – Range of cooling powers from 40 to 450 kW
  • – Heating power range from 3 to 30 kW
  • – PID temperature control system
  • – Different types of pump to choose
  • – Internal tank and resistances made of stainless steel
  • – Process hose break detection
  • – External and process probes
  • – Double output kit
  • – Flow indicator
  • – RS485 communications interface
    Below you can download the leaflet of the URMOJATOR MTR water and oil thermoregulator models. Do not hesitate to contact our technical team to help you in the correct selection for your application. More information here