Precise air conditioning

In URMOJATOR we have solutions for the precise air conditioning of industrial spaces such as warehouses, computer and control rooms, warehouses, among others, with absolute control of temperature and humidity.

The URMOJATOR BXK air conditioners, complemented with the CTK external capacitor range, offer a high flexibility of solutions that adapt to the different air conditioning scenarios that can be found when it comes to conditioning rooms. Its main characteristics are summarized in:

  • – Refrigerant gas R-410A.
  • – Cooling power range from 9.5 to 96.8 kW.
  • – Range of heating powers from 3 to 18 kW.
  • – Humidity capacity range from 1 to 15 kg / h.
  • – Hermetic scroll compressor, 1 or 2 circuits depending on model.
  • – Centrifugal fans.
  • – Copper-type multi-tube cooler with air cooler.
  • – Thermostatic expansion valve with external equalizer.Below you can download the brochure of the standard models of BXK air conditioners and the external CTX condensers from URMOJATOR. Given the wide range of options they allow, do not hesitate to contact with our technical team to help you in the correct selection for your application. Additional technical details here