Oil chiller CRIOL

The CRIOL range of oil chiller  from Urmojator is the right solution in processes where the working fluid acquires temperatures above those that guarantee its properties for its proper functioning. Processes where oil is used such as machine tools, mechanical transmissions, hydraulic groups, tooling among others, are found within the scenarios where the CRIOL range of oil chillers from Urmojator guarantees the reliability of the process.

The CRIOL range of oil chillers from Urmojator has more than 300 different references depending on the great flexibility that Urmojator allows to adapt to the particularities of each process. Variables such as type and number of pumps, tank size, manual or remote control among other variables, configure the final design of the most appropriate solution for each case.

Below you can download the brochure of the CRIOL range of oil chillers from Urmojator. It summarizes the wide range of models and selection criteria for a given cooling scenario. Do not hesitate to contact the Urmojator technical team for any questions regarding the correct selection of the CRIOL oil chiller suitable for your application.