MCVAH air fluid heat exchanger with microchannels

The URMOJATOR MCVAH heat exchangers cool filtered fluids by means of an aluminum air / fluid exchanger with micro-channel technology. The air is taken from the environment and is driven by a fan. The fluids mainly used are oils from hydraulic circuits, and water / glycolic water used in refrigeration circuits.

The URMOJATOR fluid air heat exchanger with micro channels is composed of a set of 5 mm thick aluminum profiles, the interior of which is divided into several micro-channels, through which The fluid circulates in parallel. The profiles are connected externally by means of an aluminum fin in wave form, increasing the thermal power transmitted to the air by increasing the transfer surface of the exchanger. You can find technical details here 


Increase of the thermal transfer with the air in more than 30% with respect to the traditional technology of copper tube and fins due to the flow of the fluid in parallel. Consequently, for the same thermal power to be dissipated, the MCVAH exchangers have a smaller size.

Lower air pressure drop by up to 30% compared to traditional technology due to the slim design of the
MCVAH microchannels, allowing the use of smaller fans, which produce less noise, and have a lower power consumption.

Less weight of the equipment for the same thermal power transferred compared to traditional technology, since the exchanger and the outer casing of the equipment are made of aluminum, and the use of smaller and lighter fans.

High environmental protection due to its manufacture in anodized aluminum. In addition, the MCVAH exchangers have an extra layer of epoxy, further increasing its resistance to corrosion even in
saline media, which is not possible with traditional copper solutions. In addition, the MCVAH fans have an IP54 class of environmental protection.

The MCVAH exchangers are highly recyclable due to the fact that most of their components are made of aluminum. The design and manufacture of microchannel exchangers and MCVAH fans are certified by the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system. Likewise, the fans comply with the ErP Directive on ecodesign of 2015.

Below you can download our technical brochure of the range models of air / fluid exchangers MCVAH from Urmojator.

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