Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger water / oil SL

At URMOJATOR we study the thermal requirements of its application and we take care of designing the brazed plate heat exchanger water oil that meets its requirements, taking into account both the types of fluids and their thermal input and output characteristics, among other aspects.

oil water heat exchanger a plate

Advantages of the brazed plate heat exchanger water oil SL:

Low purchase price: A high technical efficiency of thin plate material and low production costs keeps the
sale price of the heat exchanger of water oil SL at an extremely competitive level.

High temperature and pressure: Unlike the traditional plate heat exchanger, the heat exchanger of welded plates does not contain rubber in the joints and therefore can operate continuously at temperatures from less than 180 ° C to more than 200 ° C. The operating pressure can be as high as 30 bar.

Small volumes: The high efficiency of the heat exchanger of welded plates makes the temperature difference between the two fluids is minimal. This comes from the fact that our exchanger has a very large contact surface between the two fluids.

Self-cleaning: The high turbulence in the plates prevents or minimizes blockages in the heat exchanger.

Compact size: The SL welded plate heat exchanger provides space and weight savings of up to 80% compared to a tube heat exchanger.

Versatility: The SL welded plate heat exchanger can be used to heat and cool clean liquids. In addition, the heat of the welded plate SL is suitable as an evaporating and condensing unit.

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Below you can download our technical brochure of the standard model range of Urmojator plate exchangers.

SL plate heat exchanger brochure